How it all begin?

Resolute people cannot sit in peace. So a bunch of people of different ages met, who, as it turned out, were on the same wave. It was decided that sometning had to be done for the benefit of the case. Thoughts were many and different, but times go ahead and we need to get along. One has strong business experience, other sharp mind, third different vision of the worls, fourth has passion and many years of experience in the laundry business. I'll say as it is, in a rather fun atmosphere it was decided: “we must let people relax!” So the idea of Albus came up, laundry with collection and return of the laundry. Everything without any concerns and damn easy, almost like ordering pizza!

Who are we?

We are Albus!

What's next?

Nothing stops with what's already  been started. There are plans, HUGE plans. Turn all this in a way not yet customary. But all of that need time, your understanding and support. Let's make this world BETTER, MORE COMFORTABLE, EASIER and PLEASANT. All great plans cannot be told, but, all will happen by waiting patiently.