For private persons


Product type and service

 Unit of measurement

 Price  EUR

Bed linen washing and ironing (Terry towels)
 kg 1,60
 Towel (kitchen) washing and ironing kg 1,80
 Tablecloth washing and ironing kg 1,80
 Tablecloth washing, hardening and ironing kg 1,90
 Thin curtains (straight linen) washing, ironing pcs 1,20
 Washing of thick curtains (straight linen), ironing pcs 1,70
 Curtains (decorative - sophisticated) washing,   ironing  pcs 4,40
 Washing, drying (duvet) pcs 13,00
 Washing, drying the blankets (sintepon, etc.) pcs 8,00
 Washing, drying the blankets (wool) pcs 12,00
 Washing, drying blankets (flannel, cotton) pcs 6,00
 Clothing washing (trousers, shirts, skirts, sweaters) pcs 3,20
 Pillow washing, drying pcs 4,00
 Windbreaker washing pcs 5,00

Courier services

For one call  - 2.00 EUR
(includes collecting and returning the laundry).

Courier accepts calls
on working days


Payment must be made at the transfer of the clothes from the courier.

You can pay in two ways

  • with cash
  • by payment card

Courier services


Service regions

  • Exact time of the collection by call depends on the address of the caller. 
  • The exact time and place of the laundry reception by agreement on the phone (collection of the laundry within 24 hours after the call).
  • The exact tie and place of the laundry return by agreement on the phone (return of the laundry within 5 days from the reception).
  • For more information contact us - CONTACTS